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Have you seen "The Doctors"? This show is also supposed to be about medical issues. Yet the day I tuned in (it was a mistake, I swear! I was trying to find Bugs Bunny cartoons!) All four "doctors" were discussing/promoting a gadget used to hang your purse from your desk/table/cubicle wall. And a la Oprah, everyone in the audience got one FREE!

It's almost enough to make one turn off the television and pick up a book!

Marcie Judelson

Haven't seen it. That's too funny. You're absolutely right...but if I turned off the tv, what would I write about?

Mike McGinty

"Put a lab coat on Ryan Seacrest and give him the gig." Love it!

Marcie Judelson

If you were home at 9:00 AM weekdays, you could tune in and see what I mean! (You're not missing anything).


I once fell under the "Dr. Nancy" spell when she looked sincerely into the camera and said she was dedicated to helping people and to email her from her Web site. At the time I was having problems trying to sing around my asthma sooooo I sincerely emailed the Dr. Nancy and pleaded for some help....never heard a word. Guess my problem wasn't tabloid enough. I say this to the Dr. SSSPPPLLTTT!

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