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Robert Hatfield

Well, I just spent 20 minutes writing a brilliant agreement with your observation and my disgust at what is happening, and it didn't post. So, instead I'll just say: I'm glad I'm not the only one. Good post, as usual.

Jake P

I think Campbell Brown's little show intro on CNN says a lot, and maybe says it all: "We watch the news...so you don't have to."

It's a line that could have appeared in the movie Idiocracy.

Good to see you back at it, Chronic!

Marcie Judelson

Thanks, Jake. And you're exactly right; Campbell's intro is oh so true and deliciously ironic! They should make it the official tagline for CNN.


My camera guy and I JUST had this discussion today. Objective Journalism is pretty much history, reeking of bias, inflection, and too much hair spray. Ad you're so right...it IS all about what sells...show me the money...and I show you a nation of idiots. Well observed.

Marcie Judelson

Thanks, Adchick! But I'm curious...who is your
"camera guy"? A DP on a shoot? Or do you have your own, personal cameraman who follows you around? Omigosh...are you really a news reporter??

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