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Jake P

Having grown up in Massachusetts and gone to high school with Patrick Kennedy, I am very, very, very (did I mention very?) cynical about the value of the Kennedy family to our country. I will not speak ill of JFK, as I wasn't born yet, but as for the rest of them...

How "arriving at a memorial" qualifies as breaking news is baffling, except to confirm that our collective ability to pay attention to important stuff is nil.

Look! Over there! A chipmunk!


The likes of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite will not be seen again, only carnival barkers disguised as "news broadcasters."

Marcie Judelson

Jake - Your cynicism about the Kennedys may or may not be well founded. However, it wasn't my intention to criticize them in this post.
I actually felt a bit sorry for them that the cameras were even there (although I'm sure they're used to that). But you're right about the rest. At this point, a story about a chipmunk would be a welcome relief! (at least I wouldn't have to see Michael Jackson's doctor one more time...)

Jake P

Yeah, can you tell I feel strongly about them? My intention, garbled in translation, was more to underscore how overblown I thought the whole thing was, amplified in my own head by my dislike for the concept of American Royalty in all of its forms. :)

Anyway, I'm going to go hunt for squirrels now.

Marcie Judelson

Understand completely. I just didn't want this to be misconstrued as me making fun of the memorial service.

Happy hunting!

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