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Robert Hatfield

I agree. They are, I guess, charming. Friendly. They don't try too hard. I like the Sonic spots for the same reason. You may not have Sonic where you are, but you owe it to yourself to check them out. I know a girl who worked for the agency that makes the spots. It took them 2 years to convince the client to try the approach. And they hired a comic team, and they basically improv the spots. I suspect that Flo improvs a lot of her lines. That's why they feel so natural and unforced. It's very hard to write that stuff.

Marcie Judelson

Yes, "charming" is the word. Maybe that's why I find this campaign so refreshing. I'm up to here with all those snarky, edgy spots!

I will definitely check out the Sonic commercials. I presume the person you know worked on Sonic, not Progressive? Either way, it's interesting to learn more about the process. Improvisation adds so much.

Jake P

The Flo ads represent an interesting dynamic to me. It's not an ad that I particularly *wanted* to like (she's too perky by half), but it ends up being compelling (and a positive association w/Progressive) anyway.

And I'm with Mr. Hatfield on the Sonic spots, which take a risk and pull off a huge win. Plus, Sonic makes pretty tasty grub.

Marcie Judelson

I know exactly what you mean. I, too, was prepared to hate these spots, but they took me by surprise. Flo's persona - at least on paper - is a recipe for disaster.
Yet, it works - because the actress is so skilled, appealing and unexpected (and the writing isn't heavy-handed). Just a subtle shift in any direction and it could have been godawful.

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