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Rob Hatfield

I am on a personal crusade to bring back some old words. Like gyp, obtuse and spaz. We owe it to the younger generation!

Tim Parry



HA! I've noticed this as well. I've caught myself using it too much! So today, I'm going with Rob and will try to use spaz in a sentence...whatever THAT means!

Marcie Judelson

Isn't it wierd? The word is everywhere. If you watch just a few commercials, you are likely to hear it at least once. Good luck with "spaz" (careful, not sure that's PC).


Marcie--that is so true. I've also heard a lot of "incredibly" lately. Everything was "incredibly" this or "incredibly" that. Probably "incredibly amazing" too.

Marcie Judelson

Mary - You're right about "incredible".
The incredible thing is...I can't stop saying "amazing"!


A good look at an interesting idea! An amazing post! (Kidding...)

Marcie Judelson

Thanks...appreciate the feedback.

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Jeff Royster

I have always hated how especially in the film business, everyone uses "hyper complimenting" when referring to a director or cast or co-star. It's as if only the theatre and film business eptomizes "Amazing people" and wonderful experiences, that the rest of us are missing out on at our shift jobs and cubicles. "Hey Fran?, how was it working with steve on that last merger account?", "Oh my god!,I would dig ditches to work with steve again, it was amazing seeing him collate all the files and mail merge everything, just just sublime an experience!" "AMAZING!!"

Marcie Judelson

Jeff - I laughed out loud in my cubicle (um, work station) when I read your comment.
Truly hilarious.

Jeff Royster

So glad marcie,I cannot write worth a cast member on "Newsroom", but I have a lot of great thoughts and quips on stuff. :)-Jeff

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