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Robert Hatfield

I just think they figure at this stage of your life, you have the money to buy all that unnecessary crap. At least you're not male. Our box is full of ED solutions and penis enlargement crap. It's enough to give anyone a complex, and I wonder what the mailman must think. I'm tempted to go get the mail in the nude and erase any doubts.AARP started sending me crap when I was 49 (still 35 in my mind's eye). And since I see no way of living long enough to actually retire on Social Security, I throw their monthly membership app in the trash. Would that 50 was the retirement age! I'm friggin fed up with working! I'll be a bonafide basket case in 15 more years. Or 22. Or whatever age it is that Social Security moves it to (probably 85 by the time I get 65). Anyway, always love your blog. Except one thing. The comma goes INSIDE the quotes.

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