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bob hoffman


I think it started in NYC. There's a cupcake place in the West Village (can't remember the name but I think it's on 11th near Mercer, maybe) where geeks line up for hours to buy these things.

I'm with you. I've got nothing against cupcakes. It's the cupcake connoisseurs that creep me out.

Marcie Judelson

Yes, I just read another article that said
New York is OVER the cupcake craze and has apparently moved on. What do you suppose the connoisseurs/creeps will discover next?

bob hoffman


Marcie Judelson

You mean "Artisan knishes". Actually, not a bad idea!



We have a cupcakerie here in north DE. Some trendy out of towners started it, not knowing folks here are woefully fad-free, unable to be led by the nose to anything but a Phillies game on half-price hot dog day.

It's dying one of those slow, sad deaths that shops that don't know their market die. *sigh*

I'm glad Bob gave you a link—you got me curious!




I can report that it's happening over here too (London and Brighton, UK). I first came across cupcakes with big, US-style 'frosting' on top at a poncy gallery opening about a year ago.
Now I can't move without someone trying to flog me one. They are in every deli and cake shop.
Mind you I do like them. So what's not to like?
Although give me a slice of Victoria sponge any day.


good blog you have here!

cupcakes are just yet another symptom of the infantilzation of the west at the moment. We now have a generation of 20-30 somethings who dress like children (jeans, ironic t-shirts trainers), fill their homes with kids toys (starwars etc) listen to kiddy music, do kiddy 'arty' jobs and skateboard to work and eat kiddy food like cupcakes.
And, speaking as a early 30 something I must say it depresses me a great deal.

Marcie Judelson

W - Too true! And what of the "kiddies" moving back home with their parents until age 40?
Don't despair. At least you recognize the
syndrome, so there's hope.

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