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strappy heels are good! (to look at) - its the same style but in the flat version that I really hate. the proper gladiator sandals look. As a woman, its 100% your right to wear flat soled shoes if you like, as long as you're 100% comfortable with your legs looking short and your ass looking fat.



I follow fashion in spurts... interested for 6 months, not for a year or two... or three...

I'm in "not" mode now. I think I can blame it on the several years of wicked-witch shoes, that look *very* bad in a size 10, LOL. So I wasn't expecting those shoes when I went to the store yesterday. On the shelf I thought it might be sexy, so I tried on a pair.

1: Actually not uncomfortable.
2: Much uglier than sexy once on. And then I saw the gladiator-theme that I didn't get when it was on the shelf. Eeew. Are people wearing gladiator clothing to go with this? Because I came to match a dress, not a haircloth robe.

I went home with a very lovely and sexy and comfortable braided leather flip-flop, which apparently if you pay 50 bucks for it, you're supposed to call a thong. (That's another eeew.)

The majority of what's out there now is much more comfy than in the past few years, but I think I'm going to have to pick up a magazine or two to make sure haircloth roes aren't headed my way anytime soon. :)



Marcie Judelson

Thanks, Kelly. I think I saw a haircloth robe in VOGUE recently. And know what you mean about
those size 10s! (been wearing them all my life..but so did Jackie Kennedy).


I've been told I have great legs, so I've worn heels a lot...but now being ever so slightly over 50, my feet are killing me! ARRGGHH! High arches mean insoles and a visit to the podiatrist who told me way more than I wanted to know about metatarsal nerves and the like. Damn, it sucks getting old. Great looking legs dont mean a thing if you hobble!!

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