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Rob Hatfield

Absolutely. I was laid off and experienced the same thing. Nothingness. Even from companies who had positions for which I was uniquely qualified. Luckily, after treating myself to 2 weeks in St. Croix to celebrate being unemployed, an old acquaintance called and announced he was starting an agency and would I move back home to be the Creative Director. Ahhh, what timing. My stars sure were aligned for that one!

Rob Hatfield

P.S. I gave up on writing cover letters. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are receiving too many to read. Probably going straight to the meat. And I became too tired and despondent to be clever anymore, especially for the mere amusement of someone who really didn't care--just needed a body to put in a slot. Too jaded? Probably.

Jake P

Chronic, I get the feeling that nowadays it's a small victory to hear anything. As to whether it's a lame-ass phrase like "reaching out," I suspect you're right that it's an attempt at kinder-gentler. Currently, I get an email or two a week from freelancers looking for spillover work from me. My thought bubble is, "In this economy? Are you kidding me?", but my actual response is more gracious.

@Rob, congrats on the new position.

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