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Oh, I love your cynicism! Of course there are no Luluheads here in Hooterville. There IS a YOGA class at the Y, but most of those gals are wearing Nascar T-shirts. Lulu has evidently been very successful in targeting those who are need philosophical structure in their lives and can't seem to provide it for themselves. Common sense, like drinking water and breathing, is a rare commodity these days. Thank goodness for Lulu for bringing it back.
Good Post. :)

Marcie Judelson

Thanks, adchick. It would be refreshing to see a Nascar T-shirt or two around these parts. Or maybe not (isn't there a happy medium between Redneck and Urban Precious?).

Lisa Zack

I live in a small town in Idaho and I'd say although we have a bit more Nascar on the scale than urban precious, there are what I would term "common sense" types in greater numbers here than in many other areas we've lived. Loved your post as I can't stand the platitudes used by corporate America in ever increasing dosages either. First time reading your blog today and subscribed immediately. I can tell we're going to be great friends - thx.

Marcie Judelson

Thanks so much, Lisa. Really appreciate your nice comments. Sorry I haven't been posting very often lately...I've been too busy working.
I hope I can find more time soon - there is certainly no shortage of corporate BS to inspire me!


I can't wait to share your posts with Joe. This is the nuts and bolts of good comedy.

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