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A great read! Very funny and SO true!


You're so cool!

Jeff Royster

I love your blog! :)i get mad at customer service assistants on the phone. At Tivo (Or any of these rodent companies now!) its always, "Thankyou for calling Tivo, with whom am I speaking?" And when in the mood mind you, always respond with, "Well inasmuch as I called you and would have identified myself with, "Hello my name is..." and then I tell them who I am and ask them who they are? UGH! We have allowed corporate culture to hijack our true selves, our social personas and any free form grace and choice. I always remind these clucks that I remember how life used to be (It wasn't great by any means or perfect) but I could have a job and still be an individual,that I once liked records and cassettes.I wrote tons of Letters and e-mail was just fine. I never new what tweets were back then, and THANK GOD!! for that. And Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what fresh hell has that invention wrought.It's basically commodified socializing with oodles of games, updates, pokes and so many "QUIPS!!" masquerading as commentary and insight. Man, I really digressed there! Can I supersize your popcorn and drink sir? I heard that a week ago,and I responded, "Well as you can see I am already as obese as is comfortable in my life, so NO, I will just take it easy with the diet portion!"


I like your input on upselling. It's annoying but that's how they sell more of their products, right?

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This post is so true... This is very annoying especially when they force their products on you...

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