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A friend just forwarded this blog post to me after she went through her own version of Mattress Hell.

Hilarious writing: great comic timing, funny tone and you're saying something that needed to be said, all with a beautiful controlled-released of information.

I hope this comment finds you well-rested. Keep writing!

Marcie Judelson

Michael - thank you for those nice comments.
I haven't had time to write in a very long while, so your feedback is great encouragement.

Fortunately, I've adapted to the new mattress. Thank God. As I've said many times before, any day I don't have to go mattress shopping is a good day!

Thanks again for reading and commenting.


OMG...I can totally relate. Only I purchased one from Sears and some of the springs were broken during delivery. I didn't become aware of the broken springs until 17 days after the "comfort guarantee period," which was 60 days even though the sales person told me when I purchased it that it was 90 days. I have spent over 5 weeks sleeping on a mattress where I wake up with excruciating hip and back pain. I had the inspection but they did not notice any visible damage. I called and cried to the warranty department and was granted a courtesy exchange. They emailed the info that I then took to the store. I picked out another mattress (you know how difficult that was. I ended up crying and having a mental breakdown in the store) and was expecting a call with a delivery date, except they lost the information regarding the exchange they granted me. So now I have been fighting for another week to get them to honor the exchange they told me I could have. Meanwhile, I can no longer sleep on the mattress because of the pain, so I am sleeping in my son's bed. My master bedroom has now been taken over by our two cats. SIGH...what a PITA.

Marcie Judelson

Sorry to hear all this. I think the mattress retailers are determined to give us all mental breakdowns. Good luck.


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As a mattress salesman, I occassional stumble on blogs by people who have serious issues. First of all, two things-if its not comfortable, don't buy it. If its not in your budget, don't buy it. Its really that simple. Second, people go and spend $30,000 on a car they will keep 4 to 5 years-but they wont spend $3000 on a bed they will own for 10 to 20 years? Hmmmm??? Most people spend 6-7 hours a night in bed and maybe an hour a day in their car. Or (my favorite) they will spend $4000 on bedroom furniture but then spend $500 (or less!)on a mattress. OMG! Where is the logic??? Fact is most people don't want to buy a mattress. Its boring, its all covered up in your bedroom and you can't really show it off to your friends. But you want a good nights sleep don't ya? How is that cheap, dated, 15 year old nasty mattress treating you?
People ask me why are these new mattresses are so much lighter in weight than mine at home? They ask me if the new beds are not made as well as old beds. They think theirs is really better because its heavier...haha NO!!!!!!!! A mattress nearly doubles in weight over 10 years because of dust mites and their poop! Don't believe me-look it up! How do you like sleeping on billons of mites and poop? Sounds really supportive and comfortable. But it smells nice too. And oh, you sweat a lot in your sleep? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! BEDS DON"T SLEEP HOT, PEOPLE SLEEP HOT!
But the crybabies say, "Well how will I know if I will like it until I sleep on it?" Nonsense. Is it comfortable? That is a yes or no question! Most people don't like a really soft mattress and most people don't like a really hard mattress. So pick something in the middle in your budget and ask yourself if it's comfortable. That's the approach I use and 98% of my customers love their mattress. But its the 2%, those are the people who shop every possible store and look at every possible mattress and talk to 10 different salespeople- THEY are the problem. First, why would you shop so many stores and look at 300 mattresses to begin with??? You are setting yourself up for a visit to a local shrink to prescribe you some meds. Secondly, why would you look at mattresses that aren't in your budget? Why? So you can blame the sales person for taking advantage of you? I am sorry but I have yet to see a saleperson actually stick a gun to a customers head and make them buy. And you have that much time to write blogs that mock honest people trying to earn a living? Is the customer always right? The answer is NO! And the world would be a far better place if "every job" in this country was paid commissions instead of salary. Don't think so? Think about it again.
As far as why there are so many dealers that sell mattresses... Do you drive a car? Do you have more than one car in your household? How about mattresses? Do you have more than one mattress in your home? Wow, then I guess that means everybody needs one! Let's see, high profit product that everyone needs = competition! Maybe you are one of "those" people that hate it when companies and people make money. In that case-go make your own mattress. I can see a customer like you coming a mile away. You are the 2% - you are not that popular!
You should lighten up-life is too short. Its a rectangle, you sleep on it...get over it! And God Bless!


Just got a Memory Foam mattress. Will try it out tonight. Primo Brand.

If it doesn't work out I'm tempted to try one of those camping air mattresses. I slept on one when visiting family years ago and never complained. I don't see why it wouldn't work out. No one here has even mentioned them!


That's just terrible to have to go through such an ordeal just to find a good mattress to sleep. We bought a sleep number before (mattress store) and laid on it thought great! Ended up being the worst pain in my body for 10 years. Figured I couldn't do any worse on line wo I went to http://www.eBed.com and looked at mattress comparisons. Found one we liked (The Milan) and we've had it for 6 months and no more pain.

I never want to go into a mattress store again you're so right - I felt like I was buying a used car - just didn't feel right. Nice to know others have had similar experiences.. thanks.

Steve Baker

Love it, I'm going through exactly the same thing now but my partner loves it, gives me the hebbies everytime I see it and think about it. I can go to sleep alright but once I wake up that's it no going back to sleep. On our second trial now and I'm over it. I want my old 18 year old bed back.
Sold it for $220 and the new bed was $4000


You make some good points in the story about branding but i lost sympathy for you when you said you paid double what you wanted to pay, and also the size of the bed. You chose a king and its up to you to measure dimensions. You cant fault manfacturers or sales people for your choice on these things.
Comfort is the hardest thing to judge for sure. In the shop everytime i hopped on a particular bed it felt perfect, got delivered today and feels a bit firmer. Debating whether to add a topper to the pillow top.


I read your post while lying on my three-week new Sealy Optimum Dynasty (temperpedic knockoff) purchased at Mattress Firm. I echo everything you said about mattress shopping hell!

When I was little, my dad gave me three very wise rules of life to live by:

1) Always live East of where you work so the sun won't be in your eyes when you drive to and from the office.

2) Buy the best tires you can afford. Your life depends on it.

3) Buy the best mattress you can afford. The quality of your life is wholly dependent on how well you sleep.

As you've figured out, my daddy is a smart man and I have taken those words of wisdom to heart. So when my hubby and I decided it was time for a new mattress, we embarked on our journey.

We got lucky! First, our salesman did not seem sleazy. He actually scolded us for bed-hopping and said that's not the way to find the best mattress. He asked us about our sleep positions, if we get hot during the night, and how long it had been since we bought a new mattress. It had been 10 years exactly, so he updated us on the new technologies. My husband is a side sleeper and I sleep on my side and stomach, so he suggested something firm to ease my backaches (and said for me to try not to sleep on my stomach). He explained why selecting a mattress based on your sleep position is important and began suggesting mattresses in every technology and price range. And them he left us alone for a long time while we laid on each suggestion for about 20 minutes.

After a while he came back and asked if we had questions. He was like a friend now because we had been in the store so long, so he started talking about he and his wife's mattress buyng experiences (he has the best bc he gets a discount, lol). Then he told us that we should comparison shop but that since the mattresses are all named something different it would be very difficult. But as it turned out, our favorite mattress was one of the few that has the same name everywhere so that made it very easy.

We really liked the mattress and the salesperson so we got serious and asked about warranty and exchange policy. The mattress has a 25 year warranty. The exchange policy is 100 days with only $75 restock fee and the difference in price for the new mattress. Mattress Firm also has a 110% price guarantee, so if we find the mattress cheaper anywhere in town (not online) in the next 90 days, they will match the price, take off 10% more and refund the difference. Again, for many mattresses that would be hard because they are not named the same, but for ours, that is a great policy!

The mattress was delivered three days after we bought it, and unlike your experience, it seemed so much smaller than the behemoth we bought ten years ago! Our daughter, who didn't know we bought a new mattress, walked into our bedroom that night and exclaimed, OMG, what happened to your bed?!" We actually like that the size of our mattress is no longer the focal point of our bedroom.

We are still getting used to it, and (right now) I don't ike it as much as I thought I would, but our salesman emphatically said that you must sleep on it for 90 days to know for sure. That's why they have the 100 day exchange policy.

The price: from what I can tell, we got a great deal! Every ad I've seen since we bought the mattress has been for at least $100 more, and we got the mattress protector for $1.00. That saved us an additional $100. And the only reason we paid $1 is because the manufacturer won't honor a warranty for a free product.

So... There you have it. It can be a pleasant experience, just like buying a car, if you get the right salesperson.

Oh, and I agree with the mattress salesperson's post about quality linens. That goes back to my dad's advice - I buy the best I can afford.

Jennifer Sidman Hepp

I have felt that pain. You said what I felt during the process. Mattress pads, ditto.....

Ross Wilkinson

Mattress used to be made to last 25 years and then they were re done to last another 25 years. But now the big box stores only buy mattresses that last 3 to 5 years.

I card wool and wash feathers and down for a living so I know lots of mattress makers. I make duvets and pillows. Pillows are a lot more difficult than mattress to make. Duvets are easy too.

Take your old mattresses in to a mattress restorer. They can restore your mattress for about 200 dollars.

Most of the 200 dollars is transportation cost.

Get the restorer to put a cotton layer and or sheep or alpaca batt on top. Replace the foam and re-tape it with a new top. If the springs coils are broken he or she can fix them easy.

It will be good for another 25 years

Thomasville Latex Mattresses

I think it's easy to relate with your story. We deal with customers that share similar stories, and it can be a really frustrating process. If you buy online, make sure you look at the return policy. It should have a no questions asked return policy (for what it's worth).

Not A Moron

HAHA. cry baby. every person is different so mattresses should be too. plus technology is far more advanced than even 10 years ago giving you many more options. a little research before going to the store could have saved time and any confusion on mattress names and styles ect. you do have internet access. My wife and I researched then went to 2 on one day stores and found a mattress easy. Just tell the sales people that you are just looking and they will leave you alone, or just tell them to leave you alone. If you don't like a particular stores policy's then don't shop there just as I wont shop at Hobby Lobby or eat at Chic Filet because of their religious bigotries.


Luckily I like sleeping on a futon. All I need to do is replace the mattress and it will feel (more or less) the same. Yippee for hard beds

William P. Mitchell

Thank you so much for sharing your story.
I will use your story as my guide.


Brian sounds like a real jerk. I hope I never run into him as my salesman. But unfortunately his attitude is more common than not these days. It sure would be refreshing to find a salesman that is just plain helpful without the condescension. Hey Brian, if you hate your job so much - quit.


Shop at IKEA. They don't work on commission and dealing with returns is a huge headache so they really want to match you with the right mattress. Also, their stuff is the same quality as the big S stores and cost 1/3 of the price. And come with a free 25 year warranty. If you live near an IKEA I don't know why you would buy a mattress anywhere else. The only problem I could see is that they don't offer in-house financing. But if you can't save up $400-900 to buy a mattress...

Dee in OKC

Your article speaks to me. My husband and I bought an eco-comfort latex bed in 2012 after we married. I liked it but he hated it. So we went back to the matress store to re-select 12 months later. We spent another $1200 and "upgraded" to a Tempurpedic cloud, had to buy the base, too. He preferred the couch to this one. Since neither of us really liked "The Slab," 12 months later we went for our 2nd and final reselect, and it was delivered yesterday. Last night I did not sleep well at all. My back hurts and I am in a terrible mood today. This, after one year on each of the previous mattresses, at least 2 or 3 2-hour trips to the furniture store to lay on floor models before we chose each one. We still can't get it right. This Serta iComfort Vantage plush is the worst one of the 3. And believe me, I am sick of looking, you would think by now we had earned a degree in Mattress Purchasing and could get it right. But no. I was on the couch by 5:30.
At least my back didn't hurt on the hard slab Tempurpedic. But the off-gassing from these is horrible! I seriously wonder if we are going to end up with health problems later in life from the fumes, and it took MONTHS for it to quit.
We are out of re-selects at the mattress store. We are stuck with this behemoth. I am weary, broke, and frustrated. I am going to buy a foam topper for my $$$ mattress and hope it helps.
I would MUCH rather buy a car. I've never had such bad luck trying to buy anything in my life.

Marcie Judelson

Hi Dee,
Sorry to hear your story. I feel your pain.
I understand only too well.
Compared to you, I think we have had it relatively easy.

That said, our "new" bed (only 2+ years old) is now saggy and mushy and I think it gives me hip pain. These beds are NOT meant to last.

By the way, don't know if you saw it, but I was quoted in a recent NY Times article about mattress shopping. I can't seem to add the link here...but Google "An Easy Choice Dream On New York Times October 8, 2014 Steven Kurutz". The author did a deep dive into this topic -- interesting. And check out the comments, too. People have strong feelings about this topic!


Thank you SO much for your post, it put things in perspective, and made me realize that he who suffers in mattress shopping does not suffer alone!

The best part is that I can relate to you about the agony of parting with your old bed. My old bed had holes in it, some of the springs were dead or dying, but it was MY bed and I loved it. It's so hard to feel the same way about a new expensive S-brand mattress, which feels more like the brand's bed than yours!

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