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Marcie Judelson

Thanks, Brad! Sounds like a good solution. I dread having to replace our mattress, but will remember this for next time.


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Amy Osborne

It is 2018 and I am struggling with the same dilemma. I purchased a mattress, had delivered and returned using the one time return option, the next mattress arrived and it is equally as uncomfortable as the first mattress but I think we are stuck. Unhappy and do not know what to do with expensive, uncomfortable, new mattress.
I now dread the thought of mattress shopping. This has been a horrible experience for us.

Patty Smith

After months of shopping and many stores, I finally gave up and bought the cheapest mattress at Haynes. I hate it. It is so fat, I can't fit any sheets on it. I wanted to return it 2 days later but on the paper work it clearly says no refunds or exchanges. I'm out $540. Uggg. I hate mattress stores.

Marlene Greenhalgh

After extensive research into bed design, we concluded that the mattress is the problem NOT the solution. So we re-invented the bed without a mattress for perfect support and pure sleep for the rest of your life. We have just opened our London sleepscape studio. Visit www.ammique.com to find out more.

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