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Deb Zelkowski

I thought this article was so funny and so true I was laughing out loud. Buying a mattress has caused me great anxiety. Bought a memory foam on the internet that we had to return because it sank in after 90 days. Just bought a king koil excel 200 that did not feel so firm in the store as it does here new in my house. Will now have to get a mattress topper to make it feel comfortable, but at least I don't think it will EVER sink as it is so hard. All of our other mattresses have sunk over the years. Thanks for the laughs!


There is a conspiracy; this is a copy of the letter I wrote tonight to "one" mattress company ~ wonder if anything will be done! ~ Feeling your Pain ~ unfortunately, we will pay next 5 years ~

Everything is WRONG!!! ~ first the salesman Lou: Louis, whom I thought was such a nice guy, is a good actor! He sold us two different bases, to sit side by side; one a motion perfect base twin XL and the other a Tempur-Pedic base twin XL. One goes up and down and the other rocks back or forward, when you adjust them! The end of the Tempur-pedic gets caught up on top of the motion perfect: these are not designed to sit side by side, and Lou knew we had an enclosed 4 poster bed! We, as novices, did not realize we were ordering 2 DIFFERENT BRANDS; just that the motion was different! ~ Truly, Lou needs more 'training' to represent your company well! Lou now admitted it was not a good idea, and he can see why, but because my husband did not care about the motion, he thought he would try it! we are not guena-pigs! One of your other salesmen said that was "like selling me a ford bumper for a volkswagen" -- the parts don't fit! We were told that if we did not like it, we could exchange any time "within 120 days" ~ now, he is saying, he said after 120 days, and that is just the mattress. He also told me that if I did not like the two twins side by side, I could trade for a King-sized mattress, because; I told him I have MS and may not be able to handle the slice/gap in the middle! He talked me into trying, with that guarantee! He is a slick salesman. Now, it does not take a third grade education, to know he was not being totally honest! First of all, he now says that only applied to the mattress, and YOU CAN'T USE A KINGSIZED MATTRESS on two different platforms, IF ONE GOES STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN and the other one ROCKS!!! ~ That is just not working! This whole transaction was messed up from the start! When it was delivered, I said I did not realize they were so different in looks! I almost did not accept, but it was when the two beds got caught up one end on top of the other one, that I realized the salesman is misrepresenting products/he gave us the impression this was common, and he knew what he was doing... The engineering is totally different, and someone needs to allow us to buy another one like the one I like! Lou seemed to know what he was doing! Now, he comes across with the 'dull-drums' !!! ~ He called Neal and told him he was returning a base; that we are paying the additional $400.00 to upgrade to another one like the one on my side, for my husband, and was "TOLD" he could not do that! I do not think this guy knows much! What can we do? $6000.00 for two beds that can't function properly TOGETHER, and then another $214.32 for mattress protectors, for mattresses, I do not want to keep/would like to have the two matching/work together Motion Perfect Series, and a full King size mattress, but now he says we have to wait for the 120days to exchange a mattress without a crack in the middle! We have paid for protectors we have not gotten! We have spent $$$$$ on two complete Wamsutta Sheet Sets/high quality Egyptian Cotton, that we certainly will not be able to use on a kingsize if we had WHAT WE WENT IN THE STORE TO BUY in the first place: Kingsize Mattress Set! ...& I wanted Stern & Foster!!! ~ How did we ever fall for YOUR EXPERT at Mattress One? Next I will probably find he lied about these being manufactured in the USA! ~ That was my first-&-foremost-requirement!
I do not know if I can trust anyone ever again, anywhere, ...if they are selling something! ~ ??? ~ Now, we have not even gotten our mattress protectors, which were supposed to have been delivered LAST SATURDAY!!! lol/They say we can't have a refund! We don't have them! I want a refund for something I have not even received! ~ If this was not so idiotic, I would break down crying! I feel sorry for you people, because after reading some of your reviews, I wish I had NEVER heard of MATTRESS ONE! ~ You guys have terrible reviews! ~ What can I SAY? I guess one or two more at this point won't hurt you, but THIS is a new Store, and you can get get off to a good start ~ Please, start with me. Thanks, I need help here.
P.S. Louis says Neal say 'no' !!!
Neal tells Lou to ask Jonathan tomorrow (today now)that only Jonathan can make the decision!

Someone needs to make a decision to train the men to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth! Those sorts of reviews will not fly in a community like this one!


oh yes, I forgot to mention: one mattress is about a half inch shorter than the other one! Pushed up beside one another, as a King, it is RIDICULOUS!!!


I don't get why the big mattress companies think bigger is better. Some of the best new mattress companies ship their mattresses in a box to your door. Cutting out the middleman and saving you lots of money. Check out my reviews at: http://www.sleepsherpa.com/mattresses/

Ronni Seaver

Well, these are really good tips for those who are going to buy a mattress.


Hi! Thanks for sharing your story. Last yr we bought a mattress and after a month it was so lumpy so we got a refound because at that time we couldn't afford something better so we continue her sleeping on our old bed which today feels terrible and we got this Sealy bed which is terrible as well. Unfortunately we can't return it but it was pretty cheap. We are new to this since we just moved to the states and just got married. We got this tempurpedic mattress topper and It has been only 1 night and I can't stand it. Can any body direct us to a good brand/ type do bed that has worked for you???? We are so tired and sick of this. Our back and neck hurts a lot!!!!

Sue McCarrell

Steve - you certainly are the exception! Just go online and read all the ratings and reviews. There are certainly more bad than good - people feel trapped once they buy. We are in the midst of mattress shopping and it is a true nightmare. The reason? Because, as someone said previously, we spend 1/3 of our lives on these mattresses and once you buy one, in reality, there is no turning back without a great deal of out of pocket expense and even then iffy. The quality of mattresses has definitely diminished as has everything else in our throw away culture. I am truly happy for your good experience and am hoping the same for us. We are purchasing a Simmons Beauty Rest Hybrid Plush. Here's hoping....


I sell mattresses among other furniture and always finding funny how people such as the poster of this blog walk into the show room expecting a quality mattress for $200..tax in.
A number of variables come into play when buying a mattress:

1. You will get what you pay for. It's amazing that we spend SO MUCH of our time in bed (which affects our health) but customers are reluctant to spend an extra dime on their bed yet they will gladly spend $20-$30 THOUSAND on a car and pay an extra few thousand for that extra feature or two. However, how many of us use a car for 8 hours/day? That being said, if the mattress for $2000 is uncomfortable, then don't buy it. Who cares what is inside of it if it is too soft or too firm. But don't go into a store thinking that the $200 mattress you saw advertised will give you the same support or will last as long as the $1899 one.

2. Absolutely inquire about the return and exchange policy. Don't bitch about the mattress protector costing you an extra $100. Believe it or not, the sales staff does not dictate the prices or the exchange policy. Most of us have car insurance in case we get into an accident so is it THAT unreasonable to be required to have an extra cost (matt cover) in order to have an extra service (exchange)?

3. Sometimes free pillows are part of a promotion. Maybe some stores have leeway but I know the company I work for, I have none. So no we are not throwing in pillows "to sweeten the deal", we do it because that's part of the promotion and we are getting you everything we can. But did you really expect that when you got something for free because you spent money at the store, that you wouldn't have to return/pay for it when you returned the rest of your purchase? Are people really that dense these days?

4. This is the world of the internet and it is easy to educate yourself about technology, prices, and policies. I despise people like the poster of this article because the world doesn't "owe" you anything. If I don't educate myself on a policy or ask the right questions and then get screwed over because of it, guess what, the onus is on me. I don't go around saying that everyone is out to get me.


OMG! I want to cry... We are sleeping on my fiance's mattress, that is only 5 years old at this point. I hate this mattress so much, i did not have ONE good night sleep on it. Need to buy a new one and reading your story made me realize how miserable Im going to be trying to find a new mattress, and even more miserable if after all that search, i will hate it.

Marcie Judelson

Sorry, Anya...I feel your pain. But hopefully, you will like the new mattress. I like ours. Just wish the process wasn't so arduous.
Good luck!


I just got a caversham et from sleep train and I just want to cry my neck and high back are killing me and it's only one night ! Is it going to get better? Should I wait more time I really want to return it?

Michelle Henry

Mattress shopping can be extremely stressful! It does feel like all the salespeople are trying to confuse you. Great post!

Michelle Henry


Almost every mattress companies offer free trial period, and if you aren't satisfied within the said time period, you can return the mattress. Your money will be refunded. This actually helps the buyer to choose the right mattress. Top brands like Saatva, Tuft and Needle, Loom and Leaf, and many others, offer free trial periods. Some offer 90 day trial period, while others 100 day trial period. Though memory foam mattresses overheat, buying a latex mattress topper would do the job. Sleeping on a latex mattress topper, can give you the benefits of both latex and memory foam mattresses. It balances the body temperature and prevents from overheating.


Love your blog. I sadly just got rid of my 27 year old mattress, which was 2200.00 back then. I went to Macy's bought a Beautyrest. Felt great in the store.OMG! Back pain right away. Luckily, it's being returned as defective as the seams came bunched up, torn, and a hole was on one of the corners about 2 inches from the top. Silly me went to Simmons, without researching, and got a Shakespeare King. Wel'll see if its any better. Now I wish I had my "saggy Sally" back.

Marcie Judelson

Oh gosh, I hear you. Good luck and thanks for writing.


OMG this had me in stitches and i needed comic relief I also need to laugh to let off some of the horrible stress from all these bloated behemoth mattresses that are dominating the market and also if you have a platform you don't want these thick mattress you want to keep that low profile aesthetic.. cannot find a normal great quality spring and coil mattress with a decent 10 inch max height and this memory foam hoax.. caused terrible back and hip pain after never having these problems got rid of and told them to exchange it and my pain went away! .. so disgusted tomorrow I have to argue with sleepy again they sell a bed with such deep quilting that the mattress feels horribly lumpy through out yes don't the manufacturers know how much we hate their products? You have a very funny style of writing looking forward to more and glad I know that I am hardly alone in this disdain and dismay for the bedding industry that wants to dupe us!


I, again, woke up in excruciating pain where I've never had pain before from my new latex/foam mattress. After researching everything about what type of mattress to buy for an adjustable bed, I had 3 choices: latex, foam or gel. An air bed isn't an option unless you weigh 50 pounds and aren't over 12 yrs old. I've never liked foam. It feels like a hardened sponge. So I went searching for a hybrid. Unfortunately, I'm short. The hybrids are anywhere from 16-20 inches thick, not counting the base. I'd need a stool to climb into bed. Another problem: full size mattresses are becoming extinct. When and why did this happen? So I finally settled for the queen sized 10 " latex/foam hybrid. Huge mistake. Not to mention that I had to buy a queen size, which I hate--they didn't make them in full sizes. I asked the store owner to lower the frame feet to 4 inches. I asked him three times. But he decided at time of delivery that the 6 inches was fine. It wasn't. I couldn't put my socks on sitting on the bed. I almost fell on the floor when trying to reach for the fallen remote control. While sitting on the mushy latex, my feet didn't touch the floor. After my back went completely out, I called the store. To my dismay, they're too small to accept returns. Huh? I thought all mattress stores let you try the mattress out. Not so. All in all, they gave me a deal on another mattress with coils and gel. And they'll replace the feet on the frame to 4 inches like I asked in the first place.This ordeal has been hell. And if this new mattress doesn't work out, the ordeal won't be over. I'll be off to Sears next time around.

Marlene Greenhalgh

We invented the mattress-less Ammique bed driven on by our utter dissatisfaction with and sheer horror at how beds with mattresses fail to provide what we, the bed buyers want and need!

What we gleaned very early on in the design process was that mattresses are the problem not the solution. Even the bed/mattress industry acknowledges that their beds/mattresses are so badly configured and deteriorate so much and so quickly that they must be replaced every 7-10 years - a bizarre admission given the impact bad beds have on our bodies, our quality of sleep and on our general health and well-being!
Time to get out of the sack and invest in better body support and pure sleep...
Dormezzzzzzz bien, Marlene

Jenna Jamieson

Really a nice piece of thought that's really helpful for us because shortly i looking forward to by rubber latex mattresses.


It is tough buying a mattress.

I bought a Sealy pillowtop 3-4 years ago and it was crap. It was decent to start, but after only a year it was like sleeping in a crater.

I cannot recommend pillowtop anything. It's great in store, but they break down really fast and you can't even flip them over. I don't know if this is all of them, but mine was around $8-900 which, while not super expensive, isn't cheap either.

I replaced it yesterday with a latex and gel mattress. This one was a much bigger investment at $1800. It's firmer, but it will break down a bit. And! It's two sided, so I can flip it and turn it. It seems like I'll enjoy this one, but my first night left my lower back hurting a little. Adjustment does take some time though, so I'm optimistic.

On the other hand, when I woke up in the middle of the night, I was really tired. I don't know if that's good or bad, but I think maybe I was in a deeper sleep. I also feel less tired today than I usually do. Often, I start feeling like I need a nap at 3-4pm, but I feel fine today.

Back to buying: I was advised that you should never buy a mattress without knowing the materials inside. Also, never buy from the major manufacturers, as it's impossible to know what you get and they're generally overpriced.

Linda Cimino

I just bought a mattress Sealy posturepedic hybrid cobalt firm I hate it two days and I'm in pain my husband wanted firm I need a plush now I. We'd physical therapy can't move My friend soles me the mattress at the store she works for I called her and said this is awful sealy said I can return it and she said well we frown about it I'm like what 2000. We spent my husband said no way we will wait 30 days and see if it gets better oh yeah I'm supposed to walk all over it to break it in right I can't sleep on it I want my old one back never again mattress shopping!!!


I purchased a set of "Walmart" bunk beds that have the lath wood support and 6 inch thin matresses. I prefer to sleep in those beds than my $3000 firm memory foam mattress. My husband doesn't like it when I am not sleeping next to him, but he didn't listen to my wants when we purchased this firm bed. I have curves he has none. It in no way remembers me when I get in bed. I wake up with my arms asleep and aching shoulders and hips. I asked this morning when we can get a new mattress. He turned 50 shades of color. LOL. The fear of performing this search again has us both in sweats. Our $3000 matress is now humping in the center. It is a M89613.40.6234. I can not find a pretty mark showing what kind of mattress it is. Remember when they were proud of there work and labled it.

Garry iwankow

I still have my mom's Simmons Beauty Rest , and that mattress is all of 30 years old , as comfortable as you would ever want go figure


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I realize this story is a few years old but I find it to be vey true and accurate. My way around this was to order a new mattress online from a company called "Endy", they ship it to your home for free; you have 100 nights to test it and if you don't like it just call them up and they pick up the mattress free and donate to charity. You also get all your money back. Done like dinner.

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