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Richard Brown

The day I'm passionate about sales technology is the day I hope someone hurls from me from the top of a tall building.

Most people perusing job listings are passionate about one thing: receiving a paycheck every week.

Rob Hatfield

Excellent post. So true. Glad to see you back. I'm leaning toward Cynical Theory #1.

Rob Hatfield

By the way, a friend has a new blog that you may enjoy. Similar way of thinking and all that. Here it is:

Thomas Dillon

Paycheque is my favourite P-word. But some employers are showing a passion for the C-word (cheap).

Marcie Judelson

Hah! Exactly right.


A remarkable passionate rant.

Jim Koscs

Theory #1, for certain. Judging by all the products -- from bread to cars -- made by "passionate" brands, I'd say most employees have learned to fake their passion.

daniel bottiglieri

I loved this. Thankyou

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