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Laurel Wroten

The most bizarre example of this phenomenon is Judy Woodruff on PBS News Hour. She certainly has buffed up arms for a woman in her sixties, but try following a discussion of global monetary policy when you're busy wondering how much gym time the interviewer is putting in and whether there's hope for your own flabby biceps...

Marcie Judelson

I hear you! I have the same reaction. My self esteem plummets every time I see her toned biceps.

Joanie Jones

Wow Marcie! I just found your blog and your writing is brilliant! You need to write for comedy TV - I think you would have great ideas for all of us Shirley Temple fans - the boomers - and could come up with a "Seinfeldesque" show. I think you strike a deep chord with many upper 40 - 50 somethings and more who feel neglected or simply can't relate to the younger culture. Although, your writing at the same time, seems timeless! I loved your mattress experience! Thank you for sharing your genious!


Yes! Same in Australia. I'm sitting on the couch in the middle of winter in boots, jumper and coat (with a rug over my knees) while the women on TV news and talk shows are sporting tans and pretty, colourful, fitted sleeveless dresses! I wondered aloud the same thing to my housemate (why are they wearing that?). I'd love to be able to wear that now, but gee, it's COLD!

sunnie atkinson

I agree with all the observations and comments. However, most of the women I observe do not... DO NOT have attractive upper arms. I think the entire "scene" is actually very pathetic. When I was in college, majoring in sociology, students were frequently encouraged to bring to classes ads from newspapers and magazines that belittled women. Now, it appears, these powerful women are simply belittling themselves. It's not a pretty site.


Judy woodruff has the classiest most beautiful clothes

Marcie Judelson

I agree! She is the exception.

Eileen Mance

Even though Judy Woodruff has toned arms, there is still aged, wrinkled skin which cannot be hidden. Being a few years older than Judy, and in good shape, I would never bare my arms on television or anyplace outside the privacy of my home. Every time I see her in a sleeveless or capped sleeve dress, I want to tell her, "Look in a mirror; this look is NOT attractive."

Marcie Judelson

I know what you mean, Eileen. I've noticed that, too. Do they all have a clause in their contracts saying they have to wear sleeveless??


I agree with all of your posts! But, tune in and look at all the long sleeves on these ladies today and it's spring! I'm confused? Can someone explain it to me? No sleeves in winter and long sleeves in spring.

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